The Guardian of Fire Jason Hanna

ISBN: 9781921578038

Published: April 3rd 2009


484 pages


The Guardian of Fire  by  Jason Hanna

The Guardian of Fire by Jason Hanna
April 3rd 2009 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 484 pages | ISBN: 9781921578038 | 10.43 Mb

The world is changing... Whispers of a darkness grow... And a legend is born. Galdor finds himself alone, fearing for his life after the death of his friends at the hands of thirteen wolf men during a shipping assignment.Surviving his encounter, he flees to the north, unknown from the direction he came, pursued by his attackers.

Galdor reaches a city deep within a crater, harbouring a race lost to legend, the Fire Folk and the Dragons.He suddenly becomes hopeful once more of survival and tries to find a way to the city. But as the wolf men catch up to him, he is knocked from the cliffs to his near death.

The last thing he sees is an enormous figure towering above him lowering its head. From the ashes of Galdors shattered life, he begins a new, with the companionship of his rescuer, a Dragon named Razamor and the guidance of the Fire Folk.

But in the shadows, forgotten by many. hatred brews beneath the twisted eye of a disgraced high elf, turning to the darkest depths of power to crush those who once denied him his wishes. Life is about to become difficult and dangerous for Galdor once more as he fights to survive and save the ones he loves...

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